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 Rules: Bumping - Advertising

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PostSubject: Rules: Bumping - Advertising Rules: Bumping - Advertising EmptyMon Mar 01, 2010 3:04 pm

ForumPromo's 24-Hour Bumping Policy

There are no guidelines or templates for you to use for requesting your forum into the Forum Presentations directory; matter of fact, there is no requesting at all. All you have to do is create a thread with your forum's title, and post information in your thread body like your forum's link, title, features, etc. However, you can take advantage of this power by just advertising your forum link, but where will that get you? Users won't just walk up to your thread and check out your forum just because you have a forum link listed. Be creative and post many things like your forum's statistics, your banner, or your discussion forums- just post something that will draw the visiting user to click the link of your forum in that thread and join your forum.


24-Hour Bumping Policy:
Yes, you are capable of bumping your forum presentation proposal every 24 hours. It's okay if you bump about 10 or 20 minutes before a total speration of 24 hours, but please be precise and convenient with this service. If you do bump your proposal before a total seperation of 24 hours, you will be warned or possibly have your forum presentation proposal removed from our directory. It's okay to say 'bump' or announce a new feature from your forum to bump your forum presentation proposal, but respect the 24-Hour Bumping Policy, please.


Commenting on other users' forum presentation proposals is something that we highly accept. It's great to see users commenting on other users' forums, and it can be benefitial more than our official Forum Reviews service. However, the only way a user is capable of given the power to review a forum is in a forum presentation proposal. Tips, tricks, suggestion, and constructed critism is tolerated fully. We thank all user who like contribute to other users' forums by commenting on their forum.

Rules: Bumping - Advertising Forump10

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Rules: Bumping - Advertising

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